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The Word of God teaches us that fear (and panic) brings torment, but that perfect love drives out fear (1 Jn 4:18). Truth and knowledge create protection for those who will embrace it by faith. In this time of uncertainty, we must act appropriately in wisdom and stand as an example to others. With the introduction of the coronavirus 19 we have had to face an issue that is new to all of us and demands that we face it with wisdom and understanding.

- Tune in Sundays at 10:30am CST for our streamed worship services via our website, Youtube or Facebook Live

- Follow our live Bible Class that will be streamed on Wednesdays at 7:00pm CST via our website, Youtube or Facebook Live

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- Please continue to give by Click the purple "give" button @ top right of screen. You can give your tithe, offering and contribute to our radio broadcasts, because most of services will be online and/or radio until further notice.  

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"Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness."  – Isaiah 41:10


General Guidelines

To limit the spread of any virus, we encourage you and your family to remember the following recommendations taking the necessary precautions and following the latest CDC (Centers for Disease Control) recommendations:

  1. Anyone exhibiting symptoms of a cold or acute viral infection should not travel or attend services and activities at the church. These symptoms include fever, cough, sneezing, runny nose, diarrhea or feeling tired.

  2. Anyone who has had pneumonia or other respiratory illness such as asthma or bronchitis should not travel or attend services and activities.

  3. Anyone who has had compromise of their immune system or treatments such as chemotherapy, treatment of autoimmune disease, should not travel or attend services and activities.

  4. Precautions such as frequent hand washing, coughing into a barrier such as disposable tissues or such that can be safely discarded, and avoiding touching your face should be practiced for those attending services and activities.

  5. It is important to note that those 60 or older especially if not in good health have a higher risk of contracting the virus and a greater chance of complications if contracted.


Let’s continue in wisdom...if you’re sick – stay home! We should also resist the urge to hoard cleaning supplies, masks and water beyond that which you and your family need. When that happens, some of our vulnerable populations might not get the resources they need. And above all, we must keep our faith and trust in Jesus. In addition, our Outreach and Grace Connect committees have increased our calling and connection with our seniors to further enhance their safety and well-being.


The following resources provide additional information about COVID-19. The Centers for Disease Control provides a broad range of background information, updates and travel information. Here are specific resources from the CDC and other health organization:

  • CDC “Share Facts, Not Fear” Webpage

  • CDC Coronavirus Factsheet

  • IDPH Frequently Asked Questions

Please know that frequent updates will be given as the issue evolves. God bless you as we walk in faith during these challenging times.



Pastor Philip S. France, Sr.

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